Get Your Steps in While You Work With Walkolution’s Treadmill Workstation

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Get Your Steps in While You Work With Walkolution’s Treadmill Workstation

We know how detrimental being stuck behind a desk can be and what health issues it can lead to: back pain, weight gain, and the risk of other serious diseases just to start. Science tells us that we need to be getting more steps in, and making it happen more often. But what does that mean when your to-do list at the office is bursting at the seams? If your first thought is treadmill desk – you’d be right. But Walkolution’s are head and shoulders above the rest, and we’ll tell you why.

woman walking on treadmill workstation in front of large windows

Workolution offers more than a “walking treadmill” – theirs is the world’s first fully-integrated treadmill workstation. Motor-free with zero power consumption, the only noise you’ll hear when walking is the sound of your footsteps. The removable, adjustable smart desk and ergonomic standing aid add a feeling of safety to your experience, while the beech wood panels that cover the sides of the steel frame add a modern aesthetic. Four lockable wheels make the workstation easy to move around your space for a change of view. Even better? Workolution’s treadmill desks are maintenance-free, with the ability to choose between various sizes based on your height to get the perfect fit.

man standing on treadmill workstation in living space

Based in Bavaria, Germany, Walkolution has been around since 2017. Founded by Eric S"ohngen and Frank Ackermann, the brand created more than 50 prototypes before they sent their first treadmill desk into production the next year. All of Walkolution’s products are handmade in Germany at their eco-certified, high-tech production facilities and come with a lifetime warranty.

woman standing on treadmill workstation while talking to man standing next to her

Walkolution wants the environment to be as healthy as they’d like us to be, so they’ve committed to strict ecological guidelines for all of their products. Their production spaces are heated with their own wood waste, they only use raw materials from sustainably operated foresters, and they have a goal of planting one million trees.

man walking on treadmill workstation while working on laptop

Walkolution has been awarded with several design awards, among them the iF Design Award 2021 and the German Design Award 2021. If you’re interested in seeing how their treadmill workstation might fit into your workday and lifestyle, visit

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