After 6 Years of Development BALMUDA Unveils The Brew Drip Coffee Maker

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After 6 Years of Development BALMUDA Unveils The Brew Drip Coffee Maker

First it was their signature toaster engineered to make the perfect golden hued slices of toast, followed by a kettle, then a rechargeable lantern, before lastly revealing an ambient wireless speaker – Japanese technology brand BALMUDA does seem to like to keep us guessing about what is next in joining their selectively curated roster. Their fifth design arriving stateside may pique the interest of the coffee-obsessed, a premium coffee maker confidently announcing its arrival as the BALMUDA The Brew.

Side view of Balmuda The Brew drip coffee maker.

BALMUDA says it required six years of design and development before finalizing on this combination of machined modern and coffee brewing technology. All that time results in a drip machine tuned to dole out precise increments of water over freshly ground coffee, closer in execution to a barista-prepared pour-over than a typical drip coffee machine. The Japanese designed coffee maker offers the coffee-obsessed three modes of brewing, accessible from a simple layout of controls situated on the top of the machine, producing regular, strong, and iced beverages with precise temperature control.

We also appreciate the small ASMR details, specifically BALMUDA The Brew’s pleasant chime accompanying the start and finish of every carafe serving, alongside the inclusion of a pleasantly chill metronome/countdown sound that plays while The Brew drips water over grounds.

Detail of the hot water dripping element of the Balmuda coffee maker in action.

BALMUDA The Brew automatically calculates the steeping time and pouring volume, dripping hot water at precise intervals in 0.2ml increments, using standard cone filters.

Balmuda The Brew alongside the Japanese brand's white toaster with pastry, milk pitcher and coffee cups nearby on marble countertop.

Want to know what you can make with Balmuda’s new coffee maker? They’ve listed a menu of coffee-based recipes online to tempt the coffee-curious.

See-through illustration of internal brewing components the Balmuda The Brew showing the flow of hot water.

The brewer not only pours water with the dripper, but finishes each carafe serving off with a separate dose of finishing water through a second spout in order to regulate the condensed components and temperature of the coffee.

The BALMUDA The Brew’s industrial-modern style’s handsome combination of matte black and stainless steel carafe stays aligned alongside the Tokyo-based brand’s other kitchen, lighting, and audio devices. For those with limited space, the coffee brewer’s compact footprint requiring only a smidge over five inches in space is a welcome physical attribute and reflective of its Japanese roots, where kitchens are much smaller.

Balmuda The Brew on countertop with arched interior space and windows with houseplants in the background

The BALMUDA The Brew is available here for $699.

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