Bring Your Pet Along Safely With Diggs’ Passenger Carrier

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Bring Your Pet Along Safely With Diggs’ Passenger Carrier

Whether it’s down the block or around the world, every adventure is better with our pets. Diggs’ newest launch – the Passenger Travel Carrier – is designed to make traveling with your pet safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

The brand’s new pet carrier offers both style and safety for your furriest family member. With a sleek silhouette and well-thought-out design, Passenger is the ideal way to travel with your pet. Made with elegant materials, thoughtful accessories, and plenty of pockets, the Passenger Travel Carrier is designed to accommodate pets who weigh up to 18 pounds. It’s suitable for both dogs and cats – comfortable for them and convenient for you.

tan dog emerging from grey pet carrier

“We’ve always been very cognizant that aesthetics matter, but we knew the stakes were higher with this product. A pet carrier is like a handbag – it can be a fashion statement as much as it is a safe mobile home for a pet. That’s why we went the extra mile with color-matched YKK zippers and mesh, along with other thoughtful details,” said Bart Fish, Head of Marketing at Diggs.

black cat emerging from black pet carrier

As with all Diggs products, safety was the number one concern when creating Passenger. It underwent rigorous safety testing to create the safest carrier possible for our furry copilots. It even received a five-star crash test rating from the Center for Pet Safety, a research and consumer advocacy organization dedicated to consumer and companion animal safety. “We are very impressed with Diggs’ new pet carrier. It’s rare for a new pet product to pass certification testing on the first try,” said Lindsey Wolko at the Center for Pet Safety.

white and tan dog laying inside pet carrier with side open

Passenger is great for travel, no matter your mode of transportation. Each has its own set of hazards and roadblocks, and Diggs took the challenge as an opportunity to innovate. Custom seatbelt clips and a buckle strap protect your pet during car travel, while a collar tether secures them if you’d like to keep the top open while seated. A sleeve on the back slides right onto your suitcase handle if you want to attach Passenger to your luggage. Diggs’ carrier meets most airlines’ requirements for carry-on pet travel.

In addition to safety, pet travel also includes the issue of waste management. What happens if your dog or cat has an accident on the way to your destination? It can be stressful for all involved, but Passenger has a first-of-its-kind solution: simply attach a pee pad to the included bolster bed. When it’s time to clean up, slide the bed out of the side panel without having to remove your pet from the carrier.

grey pet carrier with side open

Passenger is the latest in Diggs’ growing line of pet products. Since 2016, their groundbreaking designs have supported a mission to improve the safety, happiness, and health of pets through thoughtful design and innovation. To learn more about Diggs, visit

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